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Auburn-Washburn Employees

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FlyLeaf K/1 2019 curriculum

Kindergarten - Emergent Series
First Grade - Series 1


Amplify Science Summer 2019 curriculum


Click 'Log in with Amplify' button

Username: t.auburnwashburn437@tryamplify.net

Student Username (for 6th grade): s.auburnwashburn437@tryamplify.net

Password: AmplifyNumber1



Auburn Washburn Tutorials

USD437 link to tutorials



Audacity tutorial links





Class Link



Infinite Campus Sandbox



Curriculum website Math 2017-2017




email address

employee number


Employee Service Portal

normal username

normal password with an ! at the end


AESOP Login - replaces subfinder


your phone number

pin - a 4 digit pin that you made up



customer ID: 1540

username: tushedi

password: capital (first letter) normal home password with 82!


How to use PMT to pull a standards report for a class



Blue Tech Website



Tech Wiki for usd437.net



Curriculum Website



District Curriculum Confernce Handouts



Google Apps for Education Help Site Synergyse



Edytyping update for 2016-2017




school email address

normal school password - but the first time it is auburn2015 or Auburn2015


Slack for Tech Coaches


username: tushedi


Pivotal tracker


normal password


McRel Teacher Tool



normal username and password for district logins 


Just for Teachers 


Auburn Washburn YouTube Channel



How do I access Infinite Campus University? http://icu.infinitecampus.com
How do I create an account? PDF, YouTube
How do I register for a course? PDF
How do I access my self paced courses? http://classroom.infinitecampus.com
How do I log into my self paced courses? PDF


How do I access Infinite Campus from Home? http://campus.usd437.net
What is the Infinite Campus Mobile address? http://campus.usd437.net/mobile
How do I get to Campus Portal? http://campus.usd437.net/portal
How do I set up my account? FAQs
How do I change my password? PDF
How do I use gradebook? PDF
How do I post grades? PDF
How do I give pass/fail grades? PDF
Looking up information in IC PDF
What is my username? FAQs
What is my password? FAQs
My reports look fine on the screen, but print garbage. FAQs
How do I create an Ad Hoc filter? PDF
How do I create a simple Message Template? PDF
How do I send a message using Messenger? PDF


Teacher Power Series

Power Series 1 (2010)
Infinite Campus Teacher Power Page InfiniteCampus.com
S1 E1 - Are the Kids All Here? Taking Attendance YouTube, TeacherTube
S1 E2 - That's My Desk! Setting Up Seating Charts YouTube, TeacherTube
S1 E3 - Parents. Have I Got News for You! Setting Up Newsletters YouTube, TeacherTube
S2 E1 - Assignments from Beginning to End YouTube, TeacherTube
S2 E2 - Streamlining Score Entry YouTube, TeacherTube
S2 E3 - Assignment Data Analysis YouTube, TeacherTube
S3 E1 - Lesson Plan Group Copying YouTube, TeacherTube
S3 E2 - Lesson Plan Copier YouTube, TeacherTube
S4 E1 - Which Students have IEPs? YouTube, TeacherTube
S4 E2 - Differentiating Instruction with Student Groups YouTube, TeacherTube
S5 E1 - Grading Process: Am I Ready? YouTube, TeacherTube
S5 E2 - Posting Grades YouTube, TeacherTube
S5 E3 - Grading Comments

YouTube, TeacherTube


Professional Resources State of Kansas Licensure - Find information to re-license.
National Board Certification - Information on how to apply.
KNCA - Link to the Kansas North Central Association site.
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KCA Formative Test Builder - Use after EW2; see Mrs. Bruce.

BAIP - The Blending Assessment with Instruction Program from CETE.

CETE - Kansas Assessment login screen.


Fountas and Pinnell - Site for leveled books. Use Mozilla, instead of Explorer. See principal for password.

Fry's Readability Formulas - Find out the readability level of any piece of writing by using this scale. Click on the Graph link to see the chart.

Free Reading - Open source site with early literacy skills lessons and materials.

Word List Generator - Generate word cards by setting parameters for the type of words you need.

Reading Comprehension 3-5 - Addresses comprehension strategies; includes skill worksheets and practice tutorials. Could be used for whole-group instruction.

Kansas State Reading Standard Support Materials - A site created by the Library Media Specialists in USD 475, Geary County Schools.

Washburn University Literature Sets - This site explains access to literature sets that may be checked out. You do not have to be currently enrolled as a WU student.

Newspapers in Education - A site from the Topeka Capital-Journal with lesson plans and other information having to do with using the newspaper in the classroom.

eBooks - A Sylvan Dell Publishing site listing ebooks Auburn Elementary is licensed to view.


Creative Writing - A starting point by author Bruce Van Patter. Very fun ideas!

Story Starter Generator - Spin the wheels to generate ideas for creative writing.  Use as a class or with individual students.

Great Source iWrite - Grammar Handbook, Educator tab/Mini Lessons, assistance for all forms of writing.

Daily Writing Prompts - Put one of these PDF files (click View, Full Screen) on your screen to have students write every day. Great prompts and pictures!

Social Studies

Resources for History Teachers Wiki - Great resource links. All pictures in their site are public domain or Creative Commons and can be used for educational purposes.  Be sure to cite the source anyway.


Top 101 Sites for Teachers - Great sites!

Rockingham, Virginia District site - Although the standards are different, there are links to many different lesson resources.

Teach-Nology.com - Neat resource for making bingo cards, word searches, etc. Lots of ads; subscription available.

ABC Teach - This site has 5000+ free printable pages and worksheets. Ideas for everything!

Sites for Teachers - This is actually an index of teacher sites. Great jumping off point.

Copyright Summary - This is a great site from Education World that gives some practice explanations and advice about copyright and fair use laws.

Illumniations Dynamic Paper - Create graph paper, number lines, nets, tesselations, and more.  Can be downloaded as a .jpg or PDF.


Super Teacher Worksheets - A site that has several free worksheets for math, reading, grammar, etc.

Free Math Worksheets - From Home School.net.  Math worksheets for every grade level.

Free Videos

TeacherTube - Similar to YouTube, but has videos for instruction and for fun!

Kideos - YouTube for Kids. Searchable and browseable videos for kids.

WatchKnow - An educational video search tool that allows users to submit good videos they have found from different sources, including YouTube.

neoK12 - Educational Videos for kids.  There is the ability to set up a free account to bookmark your favorite videos.

The Futures Channel - Access short educational videos on many different topics.

BBC Science Videos - Click on the age of your students on the left, and watch short clips and activities for various science topics.

Early American History - Great videos on Ben Franklin, George Washington, Gaining Independence, Paul Revere, Benedict Arnold.

PBS Between the Lions Videos - Homophones, vowels, etc. Click on the Video links.


Beeswax - Photos of news stories from around the world.  Contains a brief sentence or two about the event.
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Lesson Plan Ideas Curriki - A great collection of lesson plans for all grades, all subjects. 
Education World - Great lesson plans for all subjects, including a section on Tech. Integration.  Free worksheets here, too.
Free Reading - A large collection of lessons and activities for K-3 literacy.
EdHelper.com - Part of this is subscription, but it might be worth it. Super resources for monthly themes, biographies, lit. units, building puzzles, writing prompts, etc.
K-5 Technology Integration Rescources - Online resources tied to Virginia curriculum standards (lesson plans and activities including SMARTBoard and PowerPoint activites).
Mailbox Magazine - Main Mailbox site. If you subscribe to the magazine, you can use the Mailbox Companion to find even more great resources. (There are a few free ideas on this page too.)
Teachers' Domain - An online library of more than 1.000 free media resources from the best in public television (NOVA, Frontline, American Experience, and others). Includes suggested lesson plans and materials for various math, language arts, science, and social studies topics.
Digital Library for Earth System Education - A huge database for science and geography lessons, sites, and resources.
Hands-on Science Activities - A searchable database of hands-on science experiments for preschool through high school.
The Educator's Reference Desk - Formerly known as Ask Eric, here you can find tons of lesson plans, as well as educational journal articles.
Lesson Plans 4 Teachers - Over 100,000 Internet based lesson plans in many areas.
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ReadWriteThink - A collection of Flash-based, interactive activities that target literacy skills for all grades; you can supplement your own lessons with the tool or use one of the included ideas.
Super Teacher Tools - Create your own Jeopardy, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, etc. type games that are generated in Flash.

Center School District - Great Notebook files created by teachers in the Center School District in Kansas City, Missouri.

Wichita USD 259 - Great Notebook files and training videos from the Wichita School District.

SMART Exchange - Search for lessons at the SMART website.

Sheppard Software - Many online games, movies, and tutorials for lots of different topics.

Pete's PowerPoint Station - PowerPoints for all subjects! Remember to right-click and choose Save Target As. Save to your home directory.

PowerPoint Games - Lots of free PowerPoints that you can save and edit. Remember to right-click and choose Save Target As. Save to your home directory.

PowerPoints Hotlist - From Jefferson County Schools in TN. Lots of PPT's to download and edit.

Mini Movies for Math and Science - There are VERY simple animations using Flash that can be inserted into your Notebook files. Great illustrations of various math and science concepts.

Online Bomb Countdown - Set the timer and it countdowns to an explosion.

Random Name/Word Picker - Enter a list of words and then choose either the Typewriter or Fruit Machine to randomly generate a name/word.
SMART Board Website Resource - Not all of these require a SMART Board, and could be used with your projector.
Phil Tulga's Music Resources - Very cool, interactive activities that combine music into language arts, math, and science.
Sandfields Flash Resources - An interactive clock, random number generator, spinner, fridge magnets and more.

Virtual Manipulatives - Many different online math manipulatives.

Illuminations - Site from NCTM with grade online tools and maniuplatives.

Interactivate - More manipulatives from Shodor.

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Helpful Tools Scribble Maps - This is a great world map that you can move around in, view the terrain, zoom in, and save as a .jpg or .kml (to be opened in Google Earth).
Puzzlemaker - Create word searches and other puzzles on this free site from Discovery School.
Cool Text - Type in text and create animated or colorful text, similar to Word Art, but fancier!
BeFunky - Alter uploaded images in several photo formats. Add frames, accessories, word bubbles, etc.!
Wordle - Create and format word clouds. Use caution with the public gallery.
JeopardyLabs - Create a Jeopardy game that is saved at a website that can be bookmarked and edited.

Parent Notes in Spanish - Use this site to build parent notes in Spanish.

Language Translator - Copy and paste words or phrases to have them translated in several languages.

Tech4Learning - Part of this site requires a subscription, but this link takes you to a free rubric maker, graphic organizer maker, and citation maker.
ConvertPlus - Convert just about any kind of measurement.

Intel Thinking Tools Sign-In - See Mrs. Bruce!

Visual Ranking
Seeing Reason
Showing Evidence

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Google Earth Scribble Maps - Draw and label maps, then save as .jpg, .kml, etc.

Joe Wood Online PB Wiki - Google Earth directions, links, and more.

Frances Hazel Reid Elementary Google Earth Resource Page - Another great resource by a Virginal school.

Google Earth Lessons - Another hotlist of helpful Google Earth in education.

Andover's Resources - Scroll down to find links for Google Earth Resources.  Lots of other good resources here too.

Google Lit Trips - Sample lit trips and directions for creating one of your own.  Page loads slowly.
Instructions for Students - A sample of what you could give students to help orient them to Google Earth.
Real World Math - Use Google Earth to teach various math concepts.  Page loads slowly.
Curriculum Ideas 1st-6th - Lists ideas for using Google earth grades 1-6.
KML World Factbook - Set up various geographic paramaters from the CIA World Factbook, and let the program create a KML file for you to download and view in Google Earth.
GeoGreeting - Just for fun, type a message and see all of the letters in the alphabet as locations around the world.


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