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Web Cams (Live)

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Explore - with many great live webcams



Times Square:  http://www.earthcam.com/usa/newyork/timessquare/index.php?cam=1  (don’t forget to check “Cam1” which is live streaming video)


Monterey Bay Aquarium Otter-Cam:  http://www.mbayaq.org/efc/efc_otter/otter_cam.asp  (right click on the otters to zoom to full screen.  It's better than a fish tank)


Waikiki Beach in Hawaii:  http://www.honolulu.gov/multimed/waikiki.asp


California Department of Transportation Trafficams:
http://video.dot.ca.gov/  Worried about heavy traffic on your way to work?  Just log on a check for yourself before you go.


Here's a website that has lots of links to cameras all over the world (including that one in Times Square):


This site also has links to all kinds of webcams all over the world:  http://www.webcamplaza.net/  Just in case you haven't had enough yet here's a resource for plenty more webcams.


Here is a site to go see Santa’s reindeer live 24-7….yesterday, Santa was
out feeding them and reading letters!!

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