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Google Resources

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Google Educator Training



news.google.com  Need a current event?  Forget about the newspaper, use the internet like teenagers do to find stories that are only minutes old.

images.google.com/ Arguably the best image search engine in the world.  Try finding a picture of something today.

google.com/shopping  Looking to make a purchase. Shop and compare prices online first using Google Shopping.

google.com/finance  What to check the stock market, try this website for a quick overview.

maps.google.com   Looking for an up to date map or satellite photo, check out these amazingly easy to manipulate maps and photos.

video.google.com  Google has their own video search engine.  Find an educational video on the internet that you can play for your class

youtube.comSeveral years ago Google bought Youtube which has become the premier video sharing website on the internet.

scholar.google.com  Another project that Google is working on is to create a more efficient way to search scholarly papers.

books.google.com  This is a great way to jump into some literature.  Check out a book online, read some passages and find out where you can buy a copy.


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