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QR Code

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What is a QR Code. QR stands for Quick Response. It is a bar code that can be generated and then decoded with a QR Code scanner on a mobile device, to take you to a digital destination . When scanned, the QR Code can open a web page, dial a phone number, send an email or text message, or read a recorded message on a person's phone. QR Codes are commonly found on posters, signs, menus, signs and even student work.

There are many QR Code generators out there but here are some of my favorites:

Step 1) RecordMP3

To record an audio QR Code go to: (no sign up or registration):


Then go to QRHacker (see above) to create the QR code.


Step 2) qrhacker 

Create QR Codes for a text message, phone numbers or open a URL - (no sign up or registration - very easy to use)




Use Audacity to record and save file as a .wav file. Then add to DropBox (you must have DropBox downloaded to your computer). Once in Drop Box, right click the file (within Drop Box). Choose the DropBox option from the pop up menu. Select "Copy Public Link".

Now you can use QRHacker to create the QR code.


Step 3) If you need an embed code for your wiki or webpage:

Use this QR Code generator to get the html embed code



Other QR Code Creators that I haven't used:

Kaywa - http://quikqr.com

QuickQR - http://quikqr.com

GoQR - http://goqr.me/

Delivr - http://delivr.com/qr-code-generator

Goo.gl - http://goo.gl


What do I do with the code?

Once the code has been generated, simply download it, copy and paste it into a document or webpage, or use the mobile-barcodes website to obtain an embedding code for your wiki or website.


Where to get a QR Code Scanner for your Phone or Mobile Device

Some come with barcode readers that are already installed. If not, just go to the app store and search. You can also Google search "QR reader for Nokia", "QR reader for Droid", "QR reader for iPhone". I use the "free QR Code Reader" for my iPhone".

** Go to this website and find "Quick-Find Reader" and find a reader/scanner that is supported on your phone: http://www.mobile-barcodes.com/qr-code-software/


Educational Uses: {for students with iPod touches (with cameras) or smart phones

* Display student artwork in the hallway. Add a QR code that provides additional info about the student or artist.

* Display student reports. Add a QR code so that parents/others can listen to a child read the report.

* Add a QR code to the back/inside of a book with a student recorded synopsis of the book/book review/info about the author.

* Create a QR code scavenger hunt in or around the school. Each new QR code provides a new clue.

* Create a QR code to take student directly to a website or video.

* Have students create a QR code to provide additional information to their resumes (for a 21st century resume). Not only will this help engage them in technical writing, but also their work will be innovative.

* Students can create the QR codes that link to content they create. If students helped create awareness around bullying or digital citizenship, for example, they might put the codes around the school or in a parent newsletter. They can take it a step further by creating codes for a local business or organization.

.....Just remember, this technology is a tool and needs to fit a purpose.....


If the QR Codes won't copy, then screen shot them to add to student work.

Here is a link to a QR spreadsheet template.


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