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Baker U

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 Since we took our Moodle upgrade in December the process to make your course available to students has changed, slightly. The link below will take you to the Moodle Training Videos folder in Panopto where you’ll find a brief video titled How to Make Your Course Available to Students. That video walks you through the new process (and I’ve outlined the steps below). If you have questions please contact the Help Desk. Thank you.


Folder link: http://bakeru.hosted.panopto.com/Panopto/Pages/Sessions/List.aspx#folderID=%223fd88b6c-c34f-4d88-9a79-caa4f4101c70%22&folderSets=7



Go to Settings block

Click on Edit settings

Under General change Visible to Show

Save changes


Recently we’ve had an issue with our systems building Moodle shells for courses beginning Monday, the 13th. You should have a shell now, but if you do not please contact Clint McDuffie (Clint.McDuffie@bakeru.edu). Students may not be enrolled in your shell but they will be by Monday at noon. We ask that between now andMonday you move content into your blank shells. I’ve linked to the Panopto folder below with the video tutorials on how to import (when you move a shell from Joule to another shell in Joule) or backup and restore (which is when you move content from a Sandbox site to Joule) your content. However, if you have difficulties please contact either myself or Debra Olberding (Debra.Olberding@bakeru.edu).


Panopto Link



The LMS Team will be conducting the third webinar of a series of four on February 6thfrom 12:00 to 12:50. The content of this webinar will focus on best practice strategies using Moodle. Throughout the webinar, online teaching activities will be presented with examples of the Moodle tool to use. Also, each teaching activity will be clarified with a specific goal for using the strategy. This webinar is the third of a series of four that focus on each pillar of the metacognitive process using Moodle and best practice strategies.

You will be able to access the webinar ten minutes before it begins by either using the link below or logging in to Panopto and clicking on the folder titled Webinars and then clicking on the session titled Webinar Three / Metacognitive Process / Pillar Three “Apply”. You will not see the session in the folder or through the link until ten minutes before the session begins.  If you need a Panopto username and/or password please contact the Help Desk.



Below you will find the link that will give you access to all three webinars that have been presented by the LMS team. These webinars focus on the four metacognitive pillars and the implementation of instructional strategies using Moodle.




Some of you have asked how to arrange your courses in Moodle so you only see the course(s) you are teaching. We now have an option for you. The link below will take you to a brief video tutorial on how to arrange your course list in Moodle. This video, along with all the others, can always be found in the Moodle Training Videos folder in Panopto, which is linked to from the BakerU website under eTools. Thank you. 

How to Arrange Your List of Courses.




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