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Grade 2 Penguin Webquest

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Welcome to your 2nd grade PENGUIN webquest!

Introduction- The Topeka Zoo has decided to add an Antarctic exhibit that includes penguins. It is going to be called All About Penguins! The zoo is hiring researchers to develop the exhibit and make it a perfect home for the penguins.



Task- Your job is to assume the role of one of the researchers. 





Habitat Master (Habitat)- Habitat master is an expert at where the penguins live. She/he studies their environment and the weather where they live.


Diet Researcher (Food)- A Diet researcher researches what the penguins eat and how they get their food. They are also in charge of making sure the zoo orders the right food for them.


Nesting Director (Life Cycle)- The Nesting director studies how the penguins build their nests, and how they take care of their eggs. They also learn about their life cycle.


Tuxedo Investigator (Body) - A Tuxedo investigator is the penguin expert. He studies the penguins’ appearances, their body and how they move.


Fact Finder (fun facts) - A fact finder looks for interesting and fun facts about penguins. You get to read and inspect all penguin information, and report back on fun facts about the penguin. 





1. You will be divided into groups of four or five.
2. Each group will be assigned one penguin to learn about. 





3. Each group member will be assigned a role.
4. Explore the websites below, by clicking on the name of your penguin, and then research your penguin.
5. Each member must fill out a worksheet with body parts and show what you know for your assigned penguin.
6. Next, while in Pebblego,you will fill out a graphic organizer with sentences.

7. As a group of penguin experts, compile all of your information into a format and present it to your classmates (i.e. poster, typed paper, etc.)











(Teachers - Each website links up to Pebble Go. Please refer to the school log in information).

Directions for logging in:

1. Fill in the username and password. Click Go.

2. Click on Animals. 

3. In the search bar, type penguin. Click on the penguin name that your group was assigned to.

4. Click on the tab that applies to your job. Read, research and write about your penguin. 

5. When you are finished, begin working on the body part worksheet and graphic organizer.

6. When you are finished with your work, teach the other members of your group about what you learned about penguins. 


Additional Activity Sheets

Adelie Penguin Questions Worksheet

Adelie Penguin Label Sheet

African Penguin Questions Worksheet

African Penguin Label Sheet

Emperor Penguin Questions Worksheet

Emperor Penguin Label Sheet

King Penguin Questions Worksheet

King Penguin Label Sheet

Sample Main Idea and Detail worksheet

Habit Master Graphic Organizer

Lesson Plans for Day 1, 2, 3



  Nope  Poor  Good  Very Good  Excellent 


with group 

Did not





with group 


and tries to

help others 


and leads

the group 



No sentences


1 sentence  2 sentences  3-4 sentences 

5 or more





No exhibit



Exhibit picture


and does not

show best work 

Exhibit picture

shows good


Exhibit picture

showing very

good work with

good detail 


exhibit picture

showing best






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